Plan of Service

Our Process

The library is following the Strategic Planning for Results model as recommended by Alberta Public Library Services Branch. In brief, the service model will be based on addressing local needs identified by community stakeholders who will help us choose areas of focus. Library trustees will evaluate the stakeholder data and choose objectives to meet these needs with measurable goals (ie. By 2023, 80% of families attending our children's programs will say these help prepare their kids for kindergarten).

This process has a 4 major steps

  Description Progress
1 Set the project timeline, budget, and format Completed April 2020
  Identify suitable members of the community from diverse backgrounds Completed June 2020
2 Identify the Needs Assessment Data Completed Oct. 2020
  Stakeholders complete the Service Priority Survey Completed Oct. 2020
3 Trustees evaluate library resources and ability to take on service responses and finalize choices Dec. 2020
  Trustees plan goals and measurable objectives to meet community needs and service responses Dec. 2020
4 Plan is compiled into a cohesive document and shared for feedback Jan. 2021


Plan is published Feb. 2021