Covid Protocol

Covid Protocol


The library has re-opened according to provincial guidelines. Until phase 3 is announced by the province the protocol below will be observed when visiting the library:
  • Up to 15 patrons will be allowed on the main floor at one time
  • Before entering the library patrons must sanitize their hands
  • Children <12 must be adult accompanied. Families may bring 1 child (< 12) per adult (+16). Infants and children in a stroller are exempt from the total.
  • Maintain 2 meters distance by following direction and distance markers, 1 family in the kid’s area at a time
  • Limit handling library items, do not re-shelve items after removing them from the shelf
  • All material removed from the shelf will be quarantined for 96 hours before being borrowed
  • Public computers are available for 1-hour with 30-minute breaks between use for sanitizing
  • The meeting room and exam proctoring is no longer available to the public


  • Curbside Pickup is available to check out requested library material. Please contact library if you wish to use this service by email or phone 780-853-2488.


  • How does the curbside pickup program work?

You can place your requests online here, email us, or phone us at 780.853.4288 for assistance in requesting items. We will assume as requests will be picked up in person, so if you want curbside service please phone or call ahead. There will be no interaction with staff and items will be placed on a cart outside the front door already signed out to you.

  • How are you disinfecting books and other items?

According to the Government of Canada and the World Health Organization, Covid19 is transmissible on surfaces like books and movies for several days. The best practice to sanitize items is to quarantine them for 96 hours. Library staff have divided our collection into 2 areas, clean and contaminated. All items on our shelves are clean. All items returned through our book bin or removed from the shelf are considered contaminated and will be quarantined for 96 hours before being shelved.

  • How are you protecting library staff?

Staffing at the library has been reduced to minimum levels with 3 on site during operating hours. Staff are exercising proper social distancing protocol and best practices when interacting with the public, handling contaminated material, and sanitizing high touch surfaces.

  • Can we request material from other libraries?

Yes, interlibrary loans between libraries has resumed. These resources are not coming as quickly as previous to the pandemic since some libraries are not up to full service.

  • How do I order locally available material online?

When conducting a search on Tracpac, click more search options and select Vermilion as the assigned library.