Curbside Pickup


Upon the recommendation of the provincial government the library facility is closed to the public. All programs have been cancelled. Any items that you had checked out have been extended until May 15th. Late fees have been suspended until further notice.

Curbside Pickup and Online Services

  • Online resources are available to our cardholders. You can review our current eResources collection here, and view tutorials on how to access these resources here.
  • Library staff are on site to help renew memberships at no cost and provide reference services 10-500pm Tuesday to Friday.
  • Curbside Pickup is available to check out requested library material. We will contact you to set up a pickup appointment after we receive your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the curbside pickup program work?
    • You can place your requests online here, email us, or phone us at 780.853.4288 for assistance in requesting items. Once your items are ready for pickup staff will contact you with a pickup time. There will be no interaction with staff and items will be placed on a cart outside the front door already signed out to you. Loan period for all items is 4 weeks.
  • How are you disinfecting books and other items?
    • According to the Government of Canada and the World Health Organization, Covid19 can survive on surfaces like books and movies for several days. The best practice to sanitize items is to quarantine them. Library staff have divided our collection into 2 areas, clean and contaminated. Since the library has been closed for more than 2 weeks all the items on our shelves are clean. All items returned through our book bin are considered contaminated. Recognizing that under some conditions the virus can survive up to 9 days library staff will be quarantining all returned items for 9 days before lending them to the public and wearing proper personal protection equipment to prevent virus spread.
  • How are you protecting library staff?
    • Staffing at the library has been reduced to minimum levels with 2 on site during operating hours. Staff are exercising proper social distancing protocol and wearing necessary personal protective equipment when handling suspended contaminated items. Staff will not be interacting with the public.
  • Why is the book return locked?
    • This is a risk mitigation practice to protect our staff. The book return will be locked from Friday at 5pm until Tuesday at 10am. This measure has been taken assist us in our quarantine procedure. When staff unload the book return on Tuesday morning after the 3 day quarantine period the risk of transmission has been lowered substantially.
  • Can we request material from other libraries?
    • All resource sharing between libraries has been suspended. At this time we can only lend local resources that can ensure are clean.
  • How do I order locally available material online?
    • When conducting a search on Tracpac, click more search options and select Vermilion as the assigned library.
  • How can I get a library card?
    • We are offering free temporary library memberships to residents. Call or email us to set you up with a new barcode and pin number. You will need to verify you address by email if you wish to borrow physical resources.
  • When will you reopen?
    • The library facility is closed to the public until an announcement by the provincial health minister is made confirming that we may open again.