Covid Protocol

New Procedures

The library will re-open to the public on July 7th under the following terms:
  • New hours: Monday 12-5, Tuesday through Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-5
  • All fees on late items will be waived until phase 3 is announced by the province
  • New protocol below will be observed when visiting the library:
    • Up to 15 patrons will be allowed on the main floor at one time
    • Children <12 must be adult accompanied. Families may bring 1 child (< 12) per adult (+16).
    • Maintain 2 meters distance by following direction and distance markers - 1 family in the kid’s area at a time
    • Before entering the library patrons must sanitize their hands
    • Limit handling library items, do not re-shelve items after removing them from the shelf
    • All material removed from the shelf will be quarantined for 72 hours before being borrowed
    • Public computers are available for 1-hour with 30-minute breaks between use for sanitizing
    • The meeting room and exam proctoring is no longer available to the public

Curbside Pickup and Online Services

  • Online resources are available to our cardholders. You can review our current eResources collection here, and view tutorials on how to access these resources here.
  • Curbside Pickup is available to check out requested library material. We will contact you to set up a pickup appointment after we receive your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the curbside pickup program work?
    • You can place your requests online here, email us, or phone us at 780.853.4288 for assistance in requesting items. Once your items are ready for pickup staff will contact you with a pickup time. There will be no interaction with staff and items will be placed on a cart outside the front door already signed out to you. Loan period for all items is 4 weeks.
  • How are you disinfecting books and other items?
    • The best practice to sanitize items is to quarantine them. Library staff have divided our collection into 2 areas, clean and contaminated. All items on the shelves are considered clean. All items returned through our book bin or taken off the shelves are considered contaminated. Staff will be quarantining all contaminated items for 72 hours before lending them to the public.
  • How are you protecting library users and visitors?
    • Library users will need to follow all public health recommendations on physical distancing, proper hygiene, and frequent hand washing. Staffing at the library has been reduced to minimum levels with 3 on site during operating hours. Staff will exercise proper distancing, wear necessary personal protective equipment, and enforce new rules on library usage. When staff interact with the public they will wear a mask.
  • Can we request material from other libraries?
    • All resource sharing between libraries will resume July 20th.
  • How can I get a library card?
    • We are no longer offering free library memberships to residents, you can find our fee structure here. You will need to visit our facility to get a borrowers card.
  • When will protocol be relaxed?
    • The library facility will follow all provincial health guidelines. Expect protocol to be rescinded at stage 3 of the Alberta reopening program..