A Hunting We Will Go

A Hunting We Will Go

Posted on Thursday August 21, 2008 at 01:46PM

The library is home to a few new and old resources for the gun and hunting enthusiast. For someone fairly unfamiliar with the sport, I found a few interesting tidbits from some of our books.

It’s hard to imagine Medicine Hat as a popular home of the majestic grizzly bear, but this was indeed the case at one time, according to author Jack Ondrack in Big Game Hunting in Alberta (1985) . Moose and elk were everywhere, antelope roamed as far north as Vegreville, and hundreds of wolves followed the buffalo herds. Wolverines, big horned sheep, cougar and mountain goats all covered territory vastly different than that of today.

Because of their potential for extreme precision, crossbows hold appeal to competitive, visually-impaired, injured, smaller or aged hunters. In Crossbow Hunting, William Hovey Smith runs through the development and modernization of the weapon, as well as issues and techniques regarding its use.

Black powder only hunts have brought many new hunters to the sport of muzzleloading, mainly using non-replicas. Learn more about the history, loading, propellant, ignition and accuracy of black powder in the Black Powder Handbook & Loading Manual.
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development has created the “My Wild Alberta” website for the fishing, hunting and trapping community to stay abreast of regulations and activities related to their sport. Alberta Outdoorsmen magazine (available at the library) is another way to keep in touch.

Author: Vermilion Public Library


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