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Language Learning At Your Fingertips

Posted on ago

Your Vermilion Public Library Card gives you access to several hundred dollars worth of proprietary information through the online databases. New this year (currently a pilot project) is TELL ME MORE Language Learning Software developed by Auralog. By easily signing up for a password, you can customize your own program, which includes speaking, listening, comprehension, reading and writing exercises. You can go from any of the following native (ie. "interface") languages: ... More...

A Hunting We Will Go

Posted on ago

The library is home to a few new and old resources for the gun and hunting enthusiast. For someone fairly unfamiliar with the sport, I found a few interesting tidbits from some of our books. It’s hard to imagine Medicine Hat as a popular home of the majestic grizzly bear, but this was indeed the case at one time, according to author Jack Ondrack in Big Game Hunting in Alberta (1985) . Moose and elk were everywhere, antelope roamed as far north as Vegreville, and hundreds of wolves... More...

Our Aboriginal People

Posted on ago

Come and browse our new display featuring books, facts, a quiz, and artifacts on our aboriginal people. This ties in with our Science Alberta exhibit which runs from May 27th through June 6th and features “Colour in our World” from an aboriginal perspective. Thanks to the Vermilion Heritage Museum for donating the artifacts and prints.